Illustration Friday posts is weekly illustration practice. A work is given and illustrators create the best visual they can in a week and post it on their site. The Friday ritual of completing a sketch goes all the way back to high school art class with my very first meaningful mentor and art teacher, Mr. Palmer. He required his art students to develop the disciplined habit of turning in a weekly sketch due at the beginning of the period. Every. Single. Friday. NO exceptions.

I loved and hated these assignments. It gave a much-needed structure to my “I’ll get it done when I feel like it!” approach to art and gave me the first hint about how art my would be created in the real world. That art doesn’t just happen and that successful graphic designing is created on schedule, on purpose, using a calendar.

Illustration Friday Post September 2012

This digital illustration was completed entirely on my iPad during a 5-hour layover at Denver International Airport September 2012. I learned a brand new app that I downloaded called iDraw and I was amazed by this powerful drawing app made for the iPad. Nice alternative to Illustrator & I think the app was free – that’s amazing!
my very first submission for Illustration Friday, Sept. 2012
My very first submission for Illustration Friday, Sept. 2012